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1000 frases de amistad

Frases de amor en inglés

mayo 17, 2019

Estás buscando las mejores frases de amor en inglés para tatuarte o para compartir con un amor a distancia. Encontrá aquí las frases en inglés más originales para enviar por whatsapp o por tu red social favorita.

Algunas de nuestras frases son partes o extractos de canciones, pero también un gran porcentaje vienen de comentarios de nuestros lectores y eso es lo que les hace más genuinas. Si estás pasando por un mal momento con tu pareja no hay nada mejor que reconciliar con una bonita frase de amor en inglés.

Dedícale uno de los textos más lindos para enamorar y mantener el fuego del amor vivo. Si estás en un momento de plena felicidad mejor aún, nunca está demás recordarles a las personas que más queremos cuan especial son para nosotros.

Además si te gustaría compartir frases con otros lectores, puedes dejarnos la tuya aquí y nos encargaremos de publicarla. También puedes aportar una dedicatoria y quedará publicada en el sitio. En el día de los enamorados, una buena forma de comenzar el día es enviando una linda frase en inglés.

Nunca te olvides que las cosas más sencillas a veces son los mejores detalles. Sigue enamorando día día a tu pareja.

Mejores frases en inglés de amor para enamorar

I love you beyond your successes beyond your mistakes I love you with the whole heart and I only wish to make you happy.

I have in my heart a sincere love to give you, I’m just waiting for you to come and look for it my love.
There in no more unpredictable madness than love and here you have me more crazy than ever thanks to your love.
Your Kisses are the most lethal and perfect poison that my lips have tasted and since then I can not wait to try them again love.
So intense the love that my heart feels for you, si uncontrollable the desire to Kiss you, please love do not resistencia.
I want love to rematch me so I can love you just one more day and so I can feel alive again.
I wanted  to escape the day my heart accelerated with just your presence, I wanted to escape but I could not because your love spell me.
I lost count of the times when I fell in love, but I could swear to you that it’s the first time I love.
Your love is able to put my demons at your feet with a single kiss, with only a caress, with only divine presence.
I wanted to love you but this immature heart did not know how to do it, today that after the time I realized how muchas you need me.
Every time your memory invades my thoughts a cold tear runs through my whole soul, that’s why only I know how muchas I love you.
Take care of yourself like a gentleman and love yourself like a perverted rogue, that’s all my love has to offer you.
Physically I am in my bed while my thoughts are in yours kissing every córner of your soul.
My dear love I come to tell you that I love you more than you imaginé, more than what I show you and definitely muchas more than I would like.
Perfect smile, wild hair, intense look and wild heart and I here totally addicted to your charms my love.
Sunk in pain has left me your love and despite your betrayal I still believe that living you was the most beautiful thing I could do in this life.
I love you beyond your physical appearance, I love you because you are medicine for my soul, because only you are the only one that can convert my anguish into smiles.
How not to love you if you are the light that illuminates my darknes, you are the warmth that shelters me in the coldest nights, I just love you.
If you love me I promise that you will never feel alone again, if you decide to love me, I swear that I will be that man who seeks to fall in love with you every day of my life.
I want to love you please do not resistencia I can assure you that you will not regret it, because love knocked on my door the day I met you.
My heart accelerates, my soul becomes restless and my eyes shine every time I see you, I think cheeses are symptoms of a disease calles.
How difficult it is to erase your memory, your love has been engraved in my body and anchored in my soul, love.
I just want to find you again in another life to keep trying to make you fall in love with my love.
Because we do not try to love ourselves more than we can imagine, because we do not forget the world and we dedícate ourselves to love.
That madhouse love that only you and I can understand, that love lacking in sanity is what keeps me alive.
How to look at those eyes that do not belong to me, how to love you if your love already has an owner.
I try to forget you every day my life, I try to stop loving you with every step I take, I try to tear this love from my heart.
How difficult it is to load this baggage alone how hard it is to let go of  love, how hard it is to forget so much love.
Adventure night those that I have lived your side, nights of lust and love that I can never forget.
You can not live without love like a fish can not live without water, like I not live without you are not by my side.
I plead guilty to this love that my heart feels for you, I plead guilty and for you I am willing to face any condemnation.
My bed misses you, my gardens claim you, my body wishes you and even if you do not mind, my heart loves you.
Nothing more ambiguous than this love, this love that kills me and gives me life, this love that plunges me into hell and transports me to the same heaven with a sigh.
Very much to my regret I must admit that your love must be the most beautiful and painful that has touched live.
You do not have an idea of all the love I have to give you, my love I would be able to give my life for your love.
The days pass and despite breathing I’m still dead, it was your love that was responsible for my death, it was your bad love.
Every Kiss of your mouth transports me to paradise, each of your caresses are an incentive for my soul love.
After your love I have nothing left, you have left me helpless and helpless, you have abandoned me to my bad luck.
Life has cost me all my mistakes, it has taken away the most beautiful thing in my life, it has taken away your love.
So beautiful is to share my life with you, because your love has given me the happiness that I seek so much in my life.
Your love has given me life but it has stolen my heart, because you are the only owner of my being.